Kakemono : La Demeure des Ancêtres 1998 An autodidact since1991, I now make kakemonos professionally, on the basis of my experience over twenty years.

As far as techniques and methods are concerned, the way I work is that of a craftswoman. I am now able to present a whole range of possibilities I can propose for the mounting of works of art, using the technique of glued lining (see details on orders page).

Working during all those years with many different types of materials and fabrics I had at my disposal, I was led to experiment various techniques for the making of kakemonos. The love I felt for this art made me invent and create things which normally would have seemed impossible (see article).

While travelling in Japan in 2004, I had the opportunity to see an exhibition showing some very old kakemonos, and it came as a revelation to discover the wide range of possibilities in which the kakemono artists had used the fabrics and materials, conveying a sense of great creativity and freedom. The resonance inside me was immediate and it definitely altered my outlook.

My desire is to transmit this resonance through the kakemonos I make, in a way that touches people. It is a resonance one can also feel in the vibration of a voice, in the atmosphere of a painting, when listening to a piece of music, looking at a calligraphy, or touching a piece of pottery, etc… This motivation is the very foundation in which my work takes root.

In the making of a kakemono, I give the whole of my capacities, while engaged at the same time in a constant search for harmony and genuineness.

Each kakemono is unique, just as each work of art; for me it is the union of three elements : art (creation), craft ( materials) and breath ( Ki : respiration). My aim being that, in the end, there should be no separation anymore between the calligraphy or the painting, and what is around it : a fusion of two arts giving birth to another and completely new work of art.

The kakemono as an inner path of awakening, evolution and awareness, that is the direction I am following.